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james ray (jimmy) hamby (oklahoma) was born january 9, 1960. he was 29 years old when he was killed in a side-impact collision. the "side-saddle" gas tank on his 1984 chevrolet truck exploded when he collided with another vehicle. he died april 10, 1989. he left behind his wife, 4 month old daughter, and two step-children whom he loved dearly. jimmy loved the outdoors and was an avid hunter and fisherman. he worked as a heavy-equipment operator and had plans for opening a welding business.

marty sturdivant (tennessee) was an exceptionally bright young man who had just gone to work as a sub-contractor in the commercial construction industry in oxford mississippi. he was a sports enthusiast and played baseball from pee wee to senior teams.

the cause of marty's crash is not clear. facts indicate, however, that he may have gone to sleep, that his tire ran off the shoulder of the road, he overcorrected, jerked the wheel, and broad-sided the end of a bridge rail. when the unprotected gas tank hit the bridge rail,the truck exploded into fire. marty managed to climb from the truck, on fire, but burned to death.

marty's family had no idea that there was any defect in the truck that killed their son until two years after his death.

shawn bishop, (oklahoma.) at twenty-two years old had already served four years in the army reserve.

his accident happened as he was coming home from a late-night shift at work. the highway patrol said that the extremely heavy fog may have caused him to misjudge the edge of the bridge. he side-swiped the guard rail. his truck exploded and was immediately engulfed in flames.

shawn managed to crawl through the windshield before he died in the middle of the road.

november 27, 1993:

shelly l meadors, age 18, (texas) was driving on boudreau road in spring, texas when an oncoming vehicle veered into her lane of traffic and struck her 1982 chevrolet pickup in her right passenger door. the truck erupted into flames and shelly was killed as a result.


september 11, 1993:

walter hayes, 36, (georgia) was driving a 1973 c-10 pickup. at the corner of maury and jackson avenues, he lost control of his vehicle and struck a metal pole on the side of the road with his right front of vehicle. the vehicle burst into flames when the gas tank leaked and walter was fatally burned. there were no other vehicles involved.

jeffrey f. "bobby" tompkins


april 11, 1989:

jeffrey f. "bobby" tompkins was killed in a gm vehicle.  his son was only 4 years old.  it was reported that the truck was stopped and he was hit on the passenger side.  the other vehicle was reported as going 28 miles per hour, a collision that should have been relatively minor was fatal. 


august 14, 1994:

erin tureck, 10 years old, (oregon) was riding in the back seat of her grandmother's 88 buick skylark. the car was headed southbound on highway 97. another vehicle, a 1976 chevrolet pickup, skidded across the centerline slamming sideways into the buick. the vehicles burst into flame when the side-saddle gas tank of the pickup was violated and erin died in the fire. her brother and grandmother received multiple burns as a result.


june 2, 1995:

frank a. desylva, 23, (oklahoma) was driving near drumright, ok. he lost control of his 1985 chevrolet pickup. he struck two oncoming vehicles and rolled his truck causing injury to the truck's side-mounted gas tank and the vehicle burst into flames. he died as a result of his burn injuries.


january 13, 1995:

clifford e jones, jr. 44, (oklahoma) at the intersection of state highways 11 and 123, another vehicle struck mr. jones pickup in the side and front panel causing the truck to spin and finally come to rest against a fence at the bottom of an embankment. the pickup, a 1982 silverado chevrolet truck caught fire as a result of the original collision.  mr. jones died in the ensuing fire.


bryan galvaz

january 21, 1994:

bryan c galvez, 19, (oklahoma) in an effort to stop for a left turning vehicle, galvez truck skidded sideways into an oncoming pickup and stock trailer. the pickup, a 1986 chevrolet gmc, left the highway and landed on its top catching fire before witnesses could get to the truck. galvez lost his life in the fire.

words from bryan's family:  bryan died coming home from college at east central in ada where he was just starting his higher education.  he wanted to be a pediatrician.  he loved children and to quote his own words, "there are so many babies out there that are sick and can't afford insurance and if i could become a doctor, i would help them whether their parents could pay or not!"

that was bryan in a nut shell.  he was kind and gentle, loved by many and hated by very, very few.  if bryan was your friend, you had a loyal friend for life! 

bryan left our mother, father and sister and a fiance as well.  we believe he was coming home to propose to her that very weekend because we were told by a good friend who lived in the dorm with him that bryan had said that weekend would be the "right" time to ask her and make it official. 

the church at bryan's funeral could only hold around 800 people and there was standing room only!  bryan touched so many lives...some our family did not even know!  people were coming to us just heart-broken over his death and we didn't even know them.  it just showed us that bryan was a good, honest and caring person who only wanted to make the world a better place.  of course we already knew that, but confirmation from other people made his life seem all the sweeter!


april 2, 1994:

orville myers, 54, (oklahoma,) saw an oncoming car trying to pass in his lane. when he realized that the passing car would not make it around safely, myers ran off the highway on his side to avoid a collision. when he corrected his position, his 1982 chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup truck shot across the highway into an oncoming car. the ensuing side impact collision caused the truck to catch fire. the driver was pinned in the truck and died in the flames.

february 28, 1994:

lewis albert warren, 31, (oklahoma) he was headed north on i-35 in noble county. according to highway patrol accident report, he was either fatigued or fell asleep at the wheel. his 1981 chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup hit a guard rail.

upon impact, the vehicle caught fire. mr. warren died in the fire.


december 31, 1996:

william d. bird, jr., 43, (california) was driving home from work in his 1983 oldsmobile cutlass.

another individual in a 1975 gmc flat bed truck crossed the highway in front of mr. bird. when mr. bird could not stop, he hit the gmc truck in the side, the gas tank exploded and the fire quickly spread to mr. bird's oldsmobile. mr. bird was trapped inside and died as a result of thermal burns.


april 10, 1994:

karry m. marley, 32, (oklahoma) was driving a 1981 chevrolet scottsdale-10 pickup. marley (headed westbound) mistakenly entered the eastbound lane on i-40 in custer county. the collision resulted in fire and according to the highway patrol account, the driver was pinned in the truck for 2 hours and 15 minutes before the clinton fire department could remove the body.


february 22, 1995

franklin d. mundy, 18, (oklahoma) was driving to church when another vehicle crossed the center line and side-swiped his 1980 chevrolet c-10 pickup compromising the side-saddle gas tank and causing an immediate explosion and fire. his death was attributed to thermal injury. his passenger also died in the fire.


july 24, 1996:

danny r. tindell, 27, (oklahoma) mr. tindell was driving a 1979 chevrolet c-150 pickup truck. he missed a curve in payne county oklahoma. his vehicle struck a tree compromising the gas tank and the vehicle caught fire. mr. tindell died in the fire.


september 21, 1994:

nicholas d. lamkey, 29, (missouri) was a passenger in a 1976 chevrolet custom pickup driven by george r sartin. mr. sartin skidded across mo. rt n. and traveled into a ditch. a second vehicle attempted to avoid the pickup but hit him in the side and also skidded into the ditch. after the impact, both vehicles caught fire. mr. lamkey died of thermal burns in the hospital on october 5, 1994. his wife also received extensive thermal burns but survived.


july 15, 1995:

steven t seebeck, 30, (georgia) was driving his 1979 chevrolet pickup. his son was a passenger in the vehicle. another vehicle driven by allison d. williams was traveling east on ga highway 144 when it veered into the path of seebeck's truck. seebeck attempted unsuccessfully to manuever around the other vehicle. when they collided, seebeck's gas tank ruptured causing fire to spread across the ground to the other vehicle. both vehicles burned. although seebeck managed to get out of the truck, his son, michael seebeck, was trapped in the truck and died at the scene. ms. williams also died in the fire. mr. seebeck died in the augusta burn center, october 5, 1995.


september 24, 1993:

kenneth c. ake, 29, (wayne county, new york) ran a stop sign and hit a street sign, then struck a tree. the vehicle, a 1983 chevrolet truck, caught fire and the driver died in the blaze.


february 26, 1997:

george shuniak, 73, (alabama) was traveling south on country road 207 when another vehicle lost control on wet pavement and skidded into shumiak's vehicle. the 1980 chevrolet c10 pickup was immediately engulfed in flames and mr. shuniak died as a result.


march 9, 1997:

john m. lawler, 36, (alabama) ran off the shoulder of the road in his 1975 chevrolet c10 pickup. he struck the side of the bridge and the truck instanly burst into flames. mr. lawler died in the flames and his passenger, dustin lawler, also died in the accident.


april 11, 1997:

oddis g mitchell, 38, (alabama) was driving his 1983 chevrolet silverado pickup when he left the roadway and struck a bridge abutment and burned. mr. mitchell died in the fire.


october 11, 1997:
curtis carson, 52, (alabama) lost control of his vehicle , overcorrected and overturned. the vehicle burned after it came to rest and mr. carson died in the fire.


october 25, 1997:

hampton w. clark, 58, (arizona) was driving his 1981 chevrolet pickup and attempting to turn left with the light. another driver, reyes e mendivil, 22, driving a 1993 chevrolet truck collided with clark's truck. clark's truck side gas tank erupted and burst into flames. mendivil died at the scene and mr. clark expired november 11, 1997.


october 23, 1997:

jerry l. moore, 43, (alabama) veered into the wrong lane and hit a mail box. he then over-corrected and hit a street sign on the opposite side of the road and overturned. his vehicle, a 1985 chevrolet pickup, burned and mr. moore died in the fire.


november 8, 1997:

george a crane, 49, (connecticut) was a passenger in a 1981 chevrolet pickup driven by gene carey. the driver lost control of the vehicle and veered across the roadway and hit several trees. it overturned, gas leaked from the gas tank and it exploded and burned. mr. crane died in the resulting fire.

december 16, 1994:

jeremy lash, 19, (illinois) was driving a chevrolet pickup truck when his accident occurred.  the cause of the accident is unknown as there were no witnesses and no other vehicles involved but it was determined that he died of thermal burns. 

july 27, 1993:

juan herrera nevarez, (41) a mexican field worker was driving in kern county (california) in his 1982 chevrolet pickup.  there was a total of eight people in his truck within the cab and in the pickup bed.  they were struck from behind by the driver of a tractor-trailer rig.  the truck was pushed into other vehicles involved and burst into flames.  mr. nevarez died at the scene of "total body burns with inhalation of combustion products."

august 20, 1993:

john salce, (72)  watsonville, (california) was driving his 1974 chevrolet pickup southbound on highway 101.  he changed lanes and struck a vehicle that was also southbound clipping the front of the other vehicle causing the other vehicle to then hit him on the side.  the truck burst into flames and he was trapped inside sustaining the burns that eventually caused his death.  he received 60% second degree burns over his body and died september 25, 1993.

december 9, 1996:

mark godby, (33), yuma, (arizona), was driving his 1979 gmc pickup northbound on highway 95.  four vehicles were involved in this accident and details are not clear but apparently mr. godby was trying to pass a stream of cars and did not have time to get back into his lane.  he was hit on both sides of his truck and it not only received extensive damage but burned as a result of the collision.  he died at the scene.

july 16, 1994:

virgil lamroy enos, (30), sacaton, (arizona) was driving his 1984 chevrolet pickup on sr 87 when his vehicle left the roadway.  it impacted a concrete culvert over a canal and burst into flames. mr. enos died at the scene.

november 27, 1994:

kevin r cook (29) and maurice franklin fowble (65), alpena, (arkansas), were killed when their 1982 chevrolet pickup was hit in the side during a three vehicle collision.  their vehicle burst into flames and the vehicle burned completely.  they had no chance to get out and died in the blaze.

september 26, 1993:

wayne alton nicholson (34), denard, (arkansas), was driving a 1985 chevrolet pickup south of the red hill cafe on us highway 65 when another vehicle crossed the center lane and hit him causing the vehicle to overturn and catch fire.   mr. nicholson died at the van buren county hospital.

september 22, 1994:

tammy j. scott (24) and katelyn e. scott (15 months), hornersville, (missouri) died when tammy scott lost control of her 1985 chevrolet pickup and ran off the roadway.  the vehicle struck a ditch and overturned.  the vehicle caught fire and the entire cab area of the truck was burned

september 26, 1993:

esteban silva, harlingen, (texas),  was driving his 1986 chevrolet pickup on fm 508 south of govez road when he crossed the center line. mr. silva was rendered unconscious from the accident but the vehicle caught fire and he inhaled carbon monoxide which along with the trauma caused his death. 

october 9, 1996:

mitchell gary burns, 28, talladega, (alabama)  was driving a 1981 chevrolet c10.  records show that his vehicle entered a curve on al 34 and left the road.  the vehicle finally impacted with a tree.  upon impact with the tree the vehicle burst into flames with the driver trapped in the driver's compartment.  mr. burns died at the scene.

october 9, 1994:

ray turbeville, (53), graceville, (florida) was driving on cr 173 when another vehicle sideswiped his 1983 pickup which was pulling a stock trailer.  the stock trailer came loose and the truck overturned.  the right front passenger was able to climb over mr. turbeville who was unconscious.  the vehicle caught fire and burned.  mr. turbeville died in the fire.

february 26, 1996:

norman shaw, iii (20), quincy, (florida) was traveling north on state road 267 in gadsden county, florida.  mr. shaw veered across the center line striking another vehicle head on.  when his vehicle came to rest, it caught fire and mr. shaw burned to death.

june 20, 1993:

james mitchell rodgers, (18), monticello, (florida) was traveling westbound on sr 10 when he experienced a blow out.  he was driving a 1975 chevrolet pickup that left the road and overturned.  the vehicle subsequently caught fire and was totally destroyed and mr. rodgers was killed in the fire.

june 08, 1996:

fransico reyes, (22), weirsdale, (florida) was eastbound on sunset harbor road where it splits into two lanes.  mr. reyes entered the opposite lane of traffic in error.  when he realized he was in the wrong lane he tried to cross the median to get back into the proper lane he lost control of his 1986 gmc pickup.  the truck struck a tree the caught fire with the driver inside.  mr. reyes burned in the fire.

october 15, 1995

victoria lindsay hodges, (40), monticello, (florida) was driving her 1977 chevrolet pickup and failed to negotiate a curve traveling onto the road's shoulder.  she failed to regain control and collided with a concrete culvert and entered a ditch.  her vehicle caught fire in the engine compartment which spread to the cab area.  ms. hodges died at the scene.

may 23, 1993

james stuart woolridge, 23, wildwood, (florida) was driving his 1976 chevrolet pickup  and lost control veering to the side of the road on state road 35.  the vehicle front fender struck a tree and rotated counter clockwise.  the vehicle burst into flames after impact.  mr. woolridge died june 8, 1993 at orlando regional medical center. 

february 12, 1993

oliver austin chick, 64, harlem (georgia) was driving his 1987 chevrolet c10 pickup west on georgia 10.  for an unknown reason his vehicle traveled across the center median into the path of an oncoming vehicle.  the left front of each vehicle struck together.  the other driver remembers nothing of the accident.  on impact, the vehicles exploded and burned.  mr. chick died at the scene.  

july 14, 1996

mathew richard wyma, (21) & scott arrizabalaga, (19), mountain home idaho.  wyma was driving a 1979 chevrolet pickup truck on interstate 84, when he experienced a blowout  causing the truck to strike the right rear of an izuzu trooper.  the truck exploded and burned killing both young men on impact.  another person involved in the accident was in a semi on the opposite side of the road.  the blazing chevrolet truck caused the semi to catch fire sending the driver dennis hall to the hospital in boise in critical conditions with multiple burns and injuries.

june 16, 1993:

harold l. morris. (53), cabery, (illinois) was driving southbound on 100e in his 1976 chevrolet pickup when it was struck by a '91 nisson coupe hitting the truck just behind the passenger door causing the fuel tank to rupture.  both vehicles caught fire.  mr. morris was able to escape the fire but the driver of the nissan, patrick morel, (43) died at the scene. 

ivan russell shinn, jr (16) & robert m. carter (65) monmouth & chicago, (illinois) were both killed when involved in an accident where records show that mr. shinn crossed into mr. carter's lane of traffic.  there was a fire at the scene. 

may 20, 1994:

alvina martin, (18) towaoc, (colorado) driving on highway 160, veered into the oncoming lane and was struck in the left front by an oncoming vehicle.  at impact, her 1985 gmc pickup caught fire.  ms. martin died at the scene.



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