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the story began for my family on april 10, 1989. it was one of those unforgettably beautiful oklahoma spring days; warm, calm, beautiful, sun-shining, with the after-winter promise of many fair days soon to come.

my son, jim, had a side-impact collision in his 1984 chevrolet pickup with the now infamous side-saddle gas tanks. the collision exploded the unprotected gas tank on impact. his truck went up in a ball of flame and he had no chance to get out.

and that was only the beginning----.

when we finally began to get our wits about us and normal reasoning set in, the thoughts grew bigger and louder every minute! "it is reasonable to believe that you should be able to have a survivable accident and not burn to death !"

these words haunted us, over and over, and our thoughts were confirmed by our family attorneys. they contacted a trial lawyer and his feelings were the same. we set out on the journey of our lives!

first we filed our lawsuit -- that was simple enough.

second, was heart-wrenching. we began to pull out photographs, birth and death certificates, copies of transcripts and graduation certificates, cub and boy scout records, copies of team pictures for baseball and football. then statements from friends and employers to show the maturity and potential of our son as he became a young man. each phase took its toll on both me, his wife and my family. we'd do what we had to do during the day, then lie in bed at night and let the tears roll.

we were alternately hurt and then experienced indescribable anger. but there was no where to actually place the anger, no photo we could look at and say, "this person is responsible for my son's death." our attorney said, "you'll never know who is responsible for these decisions." he was wrong. i do know, although it proved to be more than one person. it finally came down to a mind set in a giant corporation that cares much more for the almighty dollar than for the safety of their customers.

in the following pages, i'll try to explain just what we found at each turn in the road that might make this terrible thing easier for you to understand if you have to face a similar situation.

if you have questions, please call me, b j kincade, 918-266-5059 and i'll answer them as best i can.

this site is always under construction. please check back soon. there is lots more to tell !!!

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